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Why is spread smallest on euro?

Objavljeno: 02.02.2008., u kategoriji Forex blog

This is not the rule, but in reality it is usually so. Reason for this is that Kuna is closely connected to euro and Kuna doesn't fluctuate much according to euro. Other currency rates fluctuate much more, so we need to minimize currency risk and protect ourselves from currency speculations.


Currency spread is to large. Could you offer better odds?

Objavljeno: 01.02.2008., u kategoriji Forex blog

We are trying to be more compatible with our exchange list and we are trying to have low spread. Offered spread depends of lots of factors, like situation in Forex market, rate of Croatian Central Bank and rates of other commercial banks. We cannot guarantee every day the same spread, or equal on all currencies. […]


Do you have better currency rates then other exchange offices?

Objavljeno: 29.01.2008., u kategoriji Forex blog

Number of exchange offices in Croatia and number of currencies we accept is very big, so we do not have best rates always. For some currency we could be best and for another not. Currency rate for EUR is always very good, because this is our most often currency. You are welcome to compare us […]


Will I get better currency rate in exchange offices or in commercial banks?

Objavljeno: 28.01.2008., u kategoriji Forex blog

This is tricky question. Not all exchange offices are the same, as not all banks are the same. Currency rates could be very different among them. Some banks charge extra commission above currency spread when changing currencies, which makes them worse from exchange offices. Or they can offer better odds if you open foreign currency […]


Are currency rates displayed on your site accurate and up to date?

Objavljeno: 27.01.2008., u kategoriji Forex blog

Yes. Currency rates change every working day, so you can be sure that the rate you see on the page is valid in our exchange office.


Are the currency rates fixed or can be changed?

Objavljeno: 26.01.2008., u kategoriji Forex blog

The currency rate on our website is a currency rate we use in our exchange office. By low this rate must be unique all day.


Tko odreðuje teèajeve, vi, banka ili netko treæi?

Objavljeno: 25.01.2008., u kategoriji Forex blog

Naše teèajeve odreðujemo mi sami. Oni su pak uvjetovani, kao što je veæ spomenuto, teèajem HNB-a, teèajevima drugih banaka, te drugim faktorima. Generalno, svi teèajevi, odnosno "omjeri" pojedinih valuta, se odreðuju na forex tržištu, koje je izuzetno promjenjivo, te puno veæe od bilo kojeg drugog tržišta.