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What is a “spread”?

Published: 03.02.2013.

As mentioned in the response before, “spread” is the difference between the buying and selling exchange rate. So, when you change foreign currency into Kuna, we take buying rate (exchange office buys), and when you change Kuna into foreign currency, we take selling rate (exchange office sales). As the selling rate is always higher than […]

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How do I calculate rate when I need to change directly euro to dollars?

Published: 31.01.2013.

Currency rate is calculated as ratio between buying rate for original currency and selling rate for requesting currency. E.g. if buying rate for EUR is 7.30 and selling rate for USD is 5.00 than ratio is 7.30/5.00=1.46. That means that for every 100 EUR you will get 100*1.46 = 146 USD. Currency calculator on our […]

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Why do I need to go throw Kuna rates when I want to change directly from euro to dollars?

Published: 30.01.2013.

Because we trade with lots of currencies it would be quite a challenge to make all currency pairs. Also there is a mandatory reason for this, because by low we are obligated to make exchanges through Kuna.  

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Beware of fraud – Richard Davila and Valerija Basic

Published: 01.01.2013.

If you come across this site wanting to check a person named Richard Davila (Richard L. Davila, Richard D’Avila) from New York, or his “wife”, Valerija Basic (Valpovo, Croatia), we are happy to be able to help that you do not get hurt as a victim of their scams. Mr. Richard Davila introduces himself as […]

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